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Diabetes can lead to neuropathy (nerve damage causing lost sensation in feet) and poor circulation (decreased healing) exposing your feet to great risk. The diabetic shoe helps to protect your feet and provide great comfort to avoid complications. Proper fitting and selection of a shoe are critical to avoid potential complications associated with diabetes. Globe Drug's staff is highly trained and experienced in helping you achieve comfort and safety. We examine your feet for potential issues (bunions, hammer toes, calluses, sores, etc), train on how to properly care for your feet, and help choose a shoe that is appropriate for your needs. Our selection of products allow us to combine style with safety and comfort so we can achieve your goals.

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Globe Drug carries diabetic socks that provide great comfort and help reduce moisture and microbial growth that can lead to infections.

Dr. Comfort Slippers are also available and provide style along with a hard sole to keep your feet safe around the house.

Compression stockings are available to help improve circulation and decrease potential edema which is critically important in caring for your feet. Quality products and exceptional service from your locally owned pharmacy!

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