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Compression Garments & Braces

Don’t let anything slow you down!

Reduce muscle impact and strain with our selection of compression garments and braces. Globe Drug has a large inventory of compression garments and braces that accommodate a variety of needs. We offer compression socks and sleeves along with ankle, wrist, elbow, and knee braces.

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Common Applications:

Athletes - including Student Athletes

Many athletes use braces and compression stockings to feel more comfortable and protect their joints and ligaments. Knee, Wrist, and Ankle injuries are common in high school athletes across a variety of sports - including football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track & more. Prevent and protect using braces and compression apparel. Marathon runners have been wearing compression socks for years, and the science behind it is simple: by applying a balanced pressure over certain body parts, it triggers blood flow and allows the muscle groups to work more efficiently.

Post-Op Patients

Braces help allow the affected joint or ligament to rest & heal properly post-surgery. Many are lightweight and extremely comfortable and can support a speedy healing process. Compression hose and socks are effective for post-operative patients as a tool to prevent blood clots and promote circulation.

Varicose Vein Management

Compression socks help reduce the symptoms of painful varicose veins and when worn faithfully, they slow the progression of vein disease.Compression socks promote the venous blood flow from the feet back toward the heart overcoming the effects of gravity. Medical grade graduated compression is designed to be stronger in the feet and gradually diminish in pressure as they extend up the calf into the thigh. Properly designed and fitted compression legwear prevent venous blood pooling in the legs and feet, improve leg symptoms, and decrease the risk of blood clots.

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