logoglobalAfter almost 60 years Globe Drug pharmacy has close. Prescriptions have been transferred to Thrifty White Pharmacy. For more information call 218-326-9431. Thrifty White Pharmacy has retained 9-10 of our employees in this transition. They are a Minnesota based company that is employee owned. They provide many similar services and have shown great integrity in this transition.

Globe Drug’s Respiratory department will remain open to serve oxygen and CPAP patients and transition them to a new provider. The hours will be Monday through Friday 10am-4:30pm and closed weekends and Labor Day. After Tuesday 9/4 Globe Drug will be officially closed.

This decision did not come lightly and our staff has worked diligently to transition patients to new providers during a difficult time in their lives. Rotech out of Duluth/Brainerd has assumed our respiratory patients if they choose them as their provider.

Excessive mandates, low reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid services and an animal known as a PBM that forces patients to specific pharmacies that they own including their own mail order pharmacy (Caremark, Medco, Express Scripts, etc), and the excessive fees charged by PBM’s with no negotiation all play a major role in the need to transition.Thank you to our wonderful customers for your loyalty and trust in allowing us to provide care. There have been many tears shed, some in laughter and some in grief, over the many years at Globe Drug. Thank you to the many outstanding employees that provided compassionate care for many different services. We have enjoyed and feel blessed to experience the many relationships and friendships that this business provided. As pharmacists, Lisa and I will continue to practice at Thrifty White Pharmacy. We certainly hope to continue and grow those relationships at their locations. Thank you to the local clinics/nurses/physicians for working with us and providing the endless amounts of documentation necessary to provide these services. Thank you to Itasca Hospice for giving us the opportunity to provide care to so many great families. Thank you to the many assisted living facilities, group homes and home health care agencies that utilized and trusted an independently owned pharmacy in Globe Drug. Thank you to the local banks that helped finance our dreams. Thank you to our children for their flexibility and understanding as we missed activities and late for pick up times due to work that requires an endless schedule. It has been an enjoyable adventure. We wish you all the best in health!
Mike and Lisa Brandt